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Four Poster Bed Posts and Robe Rails


Unfinished hardwood bed posts and blanket rails in several styles including: Cannonball, Reeded, Pencil, Rice, and Turned. Available in Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, Mahogany and Paint Grade.

  • Prices for posts A0802, A0803, A0804, A0807 & A0808 includes finial
  • included brass plated bolt coversPosts A0802, A0803, A0804, A0807 & A0808 (and robe rail) are made in 2 or more sections strongly connected with hanger bolts, plus tops drilled for finials. The shorter sections are required for machining and UPS shipping.
Cannonball bed post head
Cannonball Bed Post
Head A0800

3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 45"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers
& Nails

Cannonball bed post foot
Cannonball Bed Post
Foot A0801

3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 37"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers
& Nails

Pencil bed post
Pencil Bed Post

3" x 3" x 85 3/8"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers
& Nails(includes Finial)

Rice bed post
Rice Bed Post

3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 86 3/8"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers
& Nails (includes Finial)

turned bed post
Turned Bed Post

3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 86 3/8"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers
& Nails (includes Finial)

Reeded bed post
Reeded Bed Post

3" x 3" x 65"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers
& Nails (includes Finial)

Plain bed post
Plain Bed Post

3" x 3" x 65"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers
& Nails (includes Finial)

Queen size robe rail
Queen Size Robe Rail A0806

3" dia. x 61 1/2"
w/ 2 Brass Plated Bolt Covers & Nails

All prices subject to change without notice. Prices DO NOT include shipping charges. Prices in U.S. dollars.

Contact Us for quantity pricing on 25 or more identical items.
NOTE: You can mix woods but not styles or sizes to receive quantity pricing.

Available Wood Types* Paint Grade wood is NOT guaranteed as always available for quick shipment within 5 work days, <5% of time. If Paint Grade is NOT available for beyond 10 work days to ship, you will be notified. Typically this is available in the more common leg styles. It is of a smooth grade wood like maple, poplar or cherry that has dark discolorations but otherwise is fully sanded for painting and works well for staining dark. There may, on very rare occasion, be a mixture of different woods per order.

** The Maple available is a Soft Maple. Maple is soft smooth closed grain to allow for machining requirements. It can usually be stained dark to look much like walnut or cherry. Heart wood varies from a light to very dark gray. Sapwood is very light, usually with a hint of pink and sometimes light gray. Pith flecks are frequently present.

*** Genuine Mahogany is imported Honduran Mahogany for top grade of specie.

Order Details

Your bill to information (name, address and zip code) must match the billing address for the credit card statement being used. Any card rejection is likely for this reason.
The ship to address can be different.
Foreign Currency: All prices and payments are in US Dollars (USD$). Your credit card company will make the appropriate conversion.

Processing of orders averages 3 to 4 business days 95% of time. Processing cannot be expedited.
If your order’s processing will be delayed beyond 10 business days due to temporary stock shortage (<5%) you will be notified. 
Paint Grade wood is simply NOT guaranteed as always available for quick shipment.

Shipping days via UPS is dependent on the shipping method selected during Checkout.
At Checkout you will see the costs of different options and can cancel at that point.
We make no shipping guarantees. A business day is not a weekend or holiday.
UPS TRACKING: Please do not ask for it. By the time the tracking information is received the shipment will be nearly to you.
UPS Ground’s shipment target is 2 business days for all states east of the Rocky Mountains, 3 to the Mountain area, and 4 to points west and northwest.
UPS 2nd Day Air’s shipment target is 2 business days to 48 States. Local delivery is dependant on UPS operations in your area.

OPEN SHIPMENT IMMEDIATELY: Within 5 business days of receiving your shipment, you must notify us by email to of any problem.
Verify all aspects. If carton or products are damaged due to shipping you must notify UPS and keep your packaging. The shipper is liable for this damage.
Notifications: No returns of merchandise will be accepted without prior approval from our office.

There is a $25 handling fee for processing a Return, unless the product is faulty.
Return of product with approval must include the original invoice with shipping pre-paid.

All parts returned must be in their original condition, or they will be rejected.

Return of product within 30 days will be subject to a 15% restocking charge with shipping prepaid.
Return of product after 30 days will be subject to a 25% restocking charge with shipping prepaid.
Return of product after 90 days will not be approved.

If you want an alternative part, go ahead and order like you did originally. Refund is a credit towards a replacement product.


  • When your typical UPS fees for return are added, of about $12.50, it is not cost effective to return any part that originally sold for $25+ $3.75 (15% restocking )+$12.50 UPS estimate = $40 or less.
  • The most common cause of returns: Study your product 's sizes before you order. Do not order a "medium" when you need a "small" size.
  • Every part has its main dimensions. In most cases, by clicking on the item's picture you will see a much larger view.


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