Upholstery & Reupholstery Pricing Estimates

FURNITURE and CHAIR REUPHOLSTERY involves complete removal of fabric, padding and rebuilding it all from the springs up after all repair and refinishing of exposed wood areas has been completed. This gives you the total restoration of those fine chairs all at one stop.

Approximate pricing based on common items to answer "how much?"

We rebuild the upholstery, while reusing the springs, with ALL new padding as needed up to the final fabric. We do NOT just stretch new fabric over old or old padding.

While the old upholstery and padding is removed we can repair or rebuild the wood structure and refinish the exposed wood. Any wood frame repair or exposed finish rework is NOT included in the upholstery pricing guidelines.

Pricing Guidelines with client provided fabric.

Upholstery Services w/o Fabric Pricing Summary

Dining Chair Seat Pad w/o Fabric Pricing Breakout

Chair Rocker Seats and/or Backs w/o Fabric Pricing Breakout

Fully Upholstered Items (couches, chairs) w/o Fabric Pricing Breakout

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Want a bid for REUPHOLSTERY?

If you have a digital camera, why don't you submit a bid request?

Take a picture from the front also showing a side, then take a picture from the back also showing the other side.
Take a close up of any details or repairs needed. It is that simple.

Send us good digital photos of the front and back of your piece/s, along with a view down into the seating area of the piece without it's cushions. Please include the approximate outer depth, width, and height of each piece.

Reupholstery is not inexpensive and therefore a quick cost estimate can help you to decide if the process is right for you.


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