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Kitchen Refacing Cabinet Hinge Options


We leave this information available to those of you considering such an option.
We have concluded the process is NOT cost effective.

Your cabinets and thier construction are the limitor of what type hinges are availabe and/or best and/or most practical.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges: Our Recommendations. A frequent first request is to design the kitchen changes around a hinge style choice. It is really more limiting than that! Your exisiting cabinet control the option.

We are reminded of the television ad of a couple asking an architect to design a house around a kitchen faucet she selected!

As a fabricator of kitchen cabinets and fine furniture we are aware of hundreds of hinges from among dozens of brands. As cabinet and furniture repair experts we also know what fails and needs replacement. Accordingly, we will only recommend what we know works, will work, and if it fails can be replaced.

Lip Style cabinet hinges were common until the late 1980s when they were replaced with full overlay hinges. With the lip hinge part of the door thickness, 3/8", fits inside the cabinet frame. They generally are no longer used for replacements because of fitting problems and the desire to enjoy the full ¾" thickness of the door itself.

European hinges, also called fully concealed hinges, came along in the early 1990s. The cabinet door conceals the total hinge. The hinge was designed for use with cabinets made in the European design that includes having no lumber front face frame. The hinge therefore is attached by protruding perpendicular to the door onto the side of the case partition or end. We assume your cabinets are not made that way.

Our opinion is tha this type of hinge has had many problems requiring constant adjustment and replacement of parts. Many clients have been disappointed to learn that their hinges or mounting plates obtained elsewhere are no longer made.

Because of the wide existence of lumber face frames on cabinets, we generally recommend either a standard semi-concealed self-closing overlay hinge, or a version of the fully concealed hinge specially made for mounting on face frames.

Of the two, we highly recommend the first. In both cases we strongly recommend American made Amerock brand hinges. While many other brands exist, we have found them changing styles and not being able to supply replacement parts for the concealed versions.

Amerock brand standard semi-concealed self-closing overlay hinges are available in a wide range of styles and colors to include bright brass, burnished brass, almond, black, gray, white, white with brass, copper, antique brass, bright chrome, sterling nickel. For example, a white hinge on a white cabinet can barely be seen. They screw onto the back of the door and onto the front of the face frame. Yes, you will see the hinge pin area!

They cost about $2.50 per pair for most standard selections. They are simple and straightforward to install.

Amerock European style fully concealed self-closing overlay hinges for face frames are available only in a nickel plate finish. They have built-in adjustment for depth, height, and side fit. For ¾" doors they open only 105-degrees. They overlay the face frame ¼" or ½" as selected. They also, require hinge pivot clearance of ½" to ¾" from any adjoining interference such as another door. The hinge and the plate must be ordered separately and individually.

They cost about $7.50 per pair of sets. They require special drilling of the door back for the 35mm hinge cup that costs $3.50 per door when the door is ordered that way. The hinge cup is located 3½" from the top and bottom of the door. They are more difficult to install and initially adjust. So, the total cost is about $11/door -plus- extra labor if professionally installed.

For kitchen refacing by us and door replacement by the homeowner we recommend the standard semi-concealed overlay hinge in the finish color that works best.

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