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Chair Pad Upholstery Replacement

We repad, recover, reupholster, dining chair seats and pads including replacing wood as needed. Fabrics can be yours or ours.
FREE return shipping.

The Wood Works Inc is unique in that it handles repairs of items that have been packed and shipped to us via such services as UPS, Fedex and other pack-and-ship services. It makes our services available nationwide.

Chair upholstery, replaced




You will be charged the same as our local clients from Greater Kansas City that includes over 35,000 customers over the years. No more and no less. Local sales tax rates will apply. We will even pay return shipping as described.

For our quality, guaranteed, reliable, prompt service your only extra costs are the packing and the one-way shipping!

See the following sections for further information and pricing guidelines:


Chair Seating Options


General guidelines are that any carton with a girth (distance around carton) and its length can be up to 165”. Therefore, a 24x24x36” carton would be 24+24+24+24+36 or 132”.  That should hold any typical dining chair. Chair arms and rocker runners may cause problems! See Special Note at end about shipping chairs.

Step 1: Email to digital pictures of your item/s and describe what needs to be done. Provide approximate sizes. Provide your residential delivery address and relevant phone numbers.

Step 2: We will respond giving you more accurate price guidance based on what we know about your needs. The final price may vary, after we see the actual item.. It is rare! We will be in touch with you before performing any work

Step 3: Use our emailed shipping instructions and shipping label, which will include your Authorization to Ship number.

Step 4: Take your item to any pack-and-ship service in your locale with our shipping instructions. Packing service fees vary by each locale and store.

  • A loose chair seat might cost about $12.
  • A full chair might cost about $38 (usually figured as two 24x24x24 cartons telescoped together to get your needed height at about $19 each).

Here is at least one pack-and-ship’s charge schedule for their packing services to include the carton and padding and labor. Of course your costs will vary.

A typical firm's fees and others will vary.
Aug 08
  18X18X18 4  $      10.50 18X12X12 4  $       8.00
  20X20X20 5  $      14.50 18X18X10 4  $       9.00
  22X22X22 5  $      16.50 19X15X6 4  $       8.00
  24X24X24 7  $      19.00 20X13X12 4  $       9.00
  20X20X10 4  $     10.00
SPECIALTY 24X18X18 5  $     12.00
  9X20X48 6  $      17.00 24X24X12 5  $     12.00
  6X18X24 5  $      13.00 30X30X16 7  $     17.00
  5X26X37 6  $      17.00 36X21X12 7  $     17.00
  7X30X53 12  $      24.00 36X21X20 7  $     18.00
  PEANUTS /CF  $        1.50  
  BUBBLE 24"/RF  $        0.25  

Step 5: Optional: Obtain your own carton of adequate strength from your nearby U-Haul, UPS, Fedex or others. Your carton choice must be reusable by us for the return shipment. The chair seat box might cost $5-7 and the full chair box about $8-10 x 2. Obtain bubble pack to pad your item; it is also available from office supply stores like Office Depot, Office Max or others. This option will save you the packing service's fees for a “standard pack” but has some inconvenience and supply costs.

Step 6: Arrange shipping of your carton with our Authorization to Ship number on its address label. The shipping charge is based on weight of item, its padding materials (see chart above), and the geographic zones away from the Kansas City area; where we are inr a suburb. Our experience is $10-20 for delivery within 3-5 business days. It is your decision regarding any insurance protection. See the following map that one service uses showing their zones.

Step 7: Your shipment's receipt by us will be acknowledged by email. Your final price will be confirmed in that email. If it is different in any way from what was quoted, you have full decision regarding whether to proceed. You can do so by return email, if applicable.

Step 8: You can pay by personal check that shows your home address; or call our offices with your credit card information.  IF you decide to not proceed, WE WILL PAY RETURN SHIPPING if you had an Authorization to Ship number before shipment to us.

Step 9: Your item will be repaired within 30 days or less and prepared for return shipment. We must be able to reuse your original carton and packing materials. We will notify you by email the day it is to be shipped. WE WILL PAY RETURN SHIPPING! If you can't be at the residential address, make arrangements with your packing-and-ship service to accept it.

Special Note About Shipping Chairs:

The important dimensions regarding a chair are to place it flush back against a wall. Measure the width of the seat at its widest = W, measure its maximum depth from front of seat or front of legs at floor to wall = D, and measure its overall height = H.


Most chairs will have a maximum W or D of less than 24". Our experience is most are 20-22" at their widest W or D. That means that a carton of 24" x 24" square will ship your chair. To the degree that you can stack another chair upside down on the other “spoon style” and still be less than 24" it is possible to ship two chairs in the same carton with adequate protection between the chairs.

The overall height, of course, will always be taller than 24". Most packing services do not stock 24x24 cartons taller than 24" also. That means they will telescope another carton of maybe 12 to 24" down over the base one to create the taller carton. Of course, they then charge you for two cartons.

Taller cartons may be available when described as dish packs, short wardrobes, but be sure your retain the square-ness needed.

Sheet bubble pack is the best packing to use for protection of the chair/s. If shipping peanuts are used the chair must first be placed in a plastic bag.

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