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Cabinet Doors: Repair - Replace - Modify

New wood cabinet doors

Supplying a wide variety of kitchen cabinet door additions or replacements. One door or dozens; in all common hardwoods like oak, ash, maple, birch, cherry, walnut or other woods in raised or flat panel styles with a wide range of shapes and edges.

The Wood Works also can repair, resize or modify any existing cabinet door to suit your needs. See Cabinet Door Repair & Modification for more information.

Fewer options but quicker and somewhat less costly.
Click on images below to see larger versions.
HP_doors_1.jpg HP_doors_4.jpg

Bid Request Form for Hutchinson Doors

Keystone Raised Panels Keystone Raised Panels Keystone Multi-Light Doors
KW Doors_08_Raised.jpg KW Doors_09_Raised.jpg KW Doors_17_MultiLites.jpg
Keystone Raised Panels Keystone Raised Panels Keystone Flat Panel Doors
KW Doors_11_Raised.jpg KW Doors_12_Raised.jpg

KW Doors_10_FlatPanel.jpg

Keystone Outside Edges Keystone Panel Edges Keystone Inside Edges
KW_20_Edges.jpg KW_20_Edges.jpg KW_20_Edges.jpg

Bid Request Form for Keystone Doors

We repair door frames, door hinge plunge sides, removal panels for glass, resize for new appliances.

UPS shipments are gladly received for such repairs. 2-4 week turn around.
Use your friendly Brown or Kinko store to pack and ship.
We'll call you with final bid and return shipping if your carton is reusable.

  • Door frame repair
  • Door hinge plunge rebuild
  • Door panel removal for glass
  • Door shortened for taller appliance
  • Plywood slab door replaced

Want new? provide sizes and wood specie with door style.

WANT A BID? A picture is worth a thousand words!

Send us an email and attach your photos. Remember to include your question or description of your problem.

Please include in your email:

• Name
• Email Address
• Billing Address
• City, State, Zip Code
• Daytime Telephone
• Alternate Telephone
• Question or Description of your problem

Note: Please attach photos to your email. Do not Copy & Paste them into the body of the email. We will not see them.


  1. Have good lighting and move closer to the item. Folks tend to stand too far away.
  2. Mark the damages or special aspects with something like masking tape.
  3. Take an overall photo of the whole item. For example, the dining table.
  4. Take a close-up photo of any special areas. For example, the gouge to the top.
  5. Take photos from various angles. For example, from the left and from the right or from opposite side of table since light reflection "plays tricks".

Take a picture from the front also showing a side, then take a picture from the back also showing the other side.
Take a close up of any details or repairs needed. It is that simple.

UPS shipments are gladly received for such repairs. 2-4 week turn around.
Use your friendly Brown or Kinko store to pack and ship.
We'll call you with final bid and likely pay return shipping if your carton is reusable.


Nationwide Services
  1. See the indivdiual pages for each product item that will define the wood choices that are available and the exact sizes for each item.
  2. Email Us with what you want by part #, wood specie, and any specific questions.
         MAKE IT EASY! Use the "EMAIL US" button on top of this and every page.
  3. Provide your UPS delivery address and delivery day time phone number.
  4. We will confirm what you want and final pricing by return email.
  5. For Easy Payment, we accept all payment types :  
    This means you advise us what you want, from our experience we clarify any aspects, we then SEND you a email invoice for the confirmed proper amount. You then can pay with any of the main cards.
    Our products and services are NOT like ordering a widget from a fix catalog so we have found it advisable to use this approach for your safety as well as ours.

    WARNING: your shipment's name and address MUST agree with your credit card used. Don't say to ship to Tom Jones if the credit card used says Thomas Jones.

    There is a $30 packaging and handling fee PER ORDER, NOT PER ITEM.

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