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Kitchen Cabinet Door Shortened for Taller Appliance

shortened kitchen cabinet doorNew microwave exhaust hoods and refrigerators often require the cabinet and doors above to be shortened. New ovens often require the drawer below to be shortened. Appliance installers, handymen, others will often perform that work to the cabinets; but they can't properly resize the doors or drawer as well as we can..

We do that! You'll be amazed.
The goal is to save the kitchen.

In updating a kitchen for new appliances it is not uncommon that the existing cabinets need to be modified for a taller appliance; refrigerator, taller oven, or micro-wave exhaust hoods. Here we discuss the modifying of cabinet cases for such requirements. The appliance installer or handyman can modify the cabinet but can not properly resize a door.

The biggest problem is solved when we shorten the cabinet doors or drawers involved.

shortened kitchen cabinet door

Cabinet Drawer Repairs and Modification is a discussion about shortening drawer fronts and boxes.

From experience, the goal should be to save the existing doors but to make them shorter. We can and do provide a wide variety of new replacement doors, but it is nearly impossible to matching the wood specie, grain, outer edge shapes, inner edge shapes, raised panel shapes, stain color darkness and transparency; let alone gloss matching.

Accordingly, we have worked out a procedure to shorten typical raised panel doors. It works for flat panel style also with minor modifications.


Results in cross grain pattern disruption and glue line.
cab full door with 4" to cut from middle cab door with 4" cut away
cab door 4" cut off clean edged
cab door shortening side view of door construction
Door to shorten 4" by cut from the middle 4" chosen just above raised panel 4" cut off with really
clean cuts
Cut away view of the interior of a door - frame and panel
cag door shortened 4" left as seen by spouse cab door shortened 4" right as seen by spouse cab door resized by cross cut method showing grain disruption Many such doors require that the hinge slot (plunge) be recut . We have the specialty tool for such a cut.
Left door with reduction from near the top Right door as seen by spouse looking up Resized door with cross-cut grain line disruption  
Ideal method but all doors won't come apart. No seam or grain lines.
cab door resized by disassembly recutting reassembly cab door with disassembly raised panel slant recut on table saw cab door disassembled and raised panel cut duplicated when flat angle cab door reassembled with vertical stile ends remachined to match
Door to shorten 4" by
dis-assembly and
re-assembly method
While apart, raised panel slant recut with table saw After reassembly, vertical stiles are cross-cut square Square ends of stiles are reshaped by hand to match the rest

Pictures by BWB Images

shortened kitchen cabinet door

Limited stain color touchup is performed to the cut line. A painted door might require repainting by the client.

The typical cost is $200 per door.

See Examples of Previous Projects here:
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WANT A BID? A picture is worth a thousand words!

Want new? provide sizes and wood specie with door style.

Take a picture from the front also from the back also showing the other side.
Take a close up of any details or repairs needed. It is that simple.

Send us an email and attach your photos. Remember to include your question or description of your problem.

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  1. Have good lighting and move closer to the item. Folks tend to stand too far away.
  2. Mark the damages or special aspects with something like masking tape.
  3. Take an overall photo of the whole item. For example, the dining table.
  4. Take a close-up photo of any special areas. For example, the gouge to the top.
  5. Take photos from various angles. For example, from the left and from the right or from opposite side of table since light reflection "plays tricks".


UPS shipments are gladly received for such repairs.
2-4 week turn around.
Use your friendly Brown or Kinko store to pack and ship.
We'll call you with final bid and return shipping if your carton is reusable.

Nationwide Services

The Wood Works offers a variety of products and services to our Nationwide Customers. If item can be UPS/FEDEX packed-and-shipped, see our Services via Internet section for suggestions.

We offer repair services for anything shipped to our location via UPS and FedEx. We specialize in repairs or modification of cabinet doors and drawers and in chair caning or chair refinishing.

Ask us about custom woodworking, wood furniture replacement parts, new cabinet doors and drawers and exterior wood shutters. We also have cabinet door appliance panel kits for dish washers, trash compactors and refrigerators.

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