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Wood Bed Damages Repairs Rebuilt

Wood bed frames incur more physical damages next in line after chairs and rockers from physical abuse and use. We repair and rebuild them.

Headboard or Footboard Width Modifications:

THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY! "Make 'em narrower or wider"

Due to changes in lifestyles and home sizes, it is not unusual to modify a HB or FB to a different width. The furniture owner usually desires to save the full bedroom furniture set design.

The requests seem usually to be from King to Queen requiring about 18” to disappear, or Double to Queen requiring 6-7” to be added.

For changing a Double to a Queen the requirement is both width and length and we can provide a metal conversion kit to allow support for the slightly wider and longer Queen springs and mattress. It involves a special upside down “L” rail system.

We also can modify the HB and/or FB with adapter plates to continue to use the existing wood side rails.

For changing a King down to a Queen we must have the HB or FB here for several days to analyze how it can be disassembled, cut away the needed 18” portions of width from the center or from both ends, and to reassemble the bed with needed finish touchup. The length is the same. The cost can vary widely.


Headboard or Footboard Frame Loose:

It is common for HB or FB units to become loose from side to side. Since their design and number of components vary widely. Unless something is unusual or fractured we can usually re-glue a HB or FB as nothing unusual.. Certainly some problem HBs or FBs will require more.

Four Poster Post Broken:

Usually the posts have a lathe turned design. They frequently break in the narrow portions, or where the manufacturer designed in a joint to put sections together. We can rebuild any required areas to include, if needed, cutting away a bad section and turning a new portion with finish to match.

Post Break Outs from Side Rail:


Most modern wood side rails have a metal plate in the end of them that goes into a narrow slot in the leg post of the HB or FB. Inside that slot are two metal rods we call “bullets” over which the plate hooks. Improper assembly/disassembly or moving of the assembled bed can cause the wood aroundthe slot to shatter. We can rebuild the available pieces and/or replace the shattered wood with finish to match as needed. A straightforward minor break might be $150. The worse the break, the more missing pieces that are not available, the size and shape of the fracture area, and the finish involved can all impact the pricing.

Siderail "stretching" to make longer:

To repair a major POST break or to LENGTHEN the bed as if for longer rails, special wood blocking with the post slot can be fabricated, finished, and installed per HB or FB pair. To go from Double 75” to Q or K at 80” would require them on both the HB and FB.

Widening spacing of Side Rails:

The most practical way to widen the side rails to allow somewhat wider new box springs and/or mattresses is to install a special hardware known as a SwingAway Bed Frame Flat Hinge. It is a DIY project with hardware from and 2 sets of Part 220F.

iF you have metal side rails that too close together, ask Merit Industries for their Converto-rail hardware kit 515HW, but you will also need new metal rails that mount upside down.

Side Rail End Plate Break Outs:

The metal plates in modern wood side rails are inserted into the end of the wood side rail into a very special slot. They are held into place by two short metal rods that we also call “bullets”. The leverage placed on these bullets by rough housing on the bed or moving the bed fully assembled frequently causes the limited amount of wood from the location of the bullet to the end of the rail to fracture. If the fractured wood still exists we can usually reinforce the area with new surface wood cleats for about $60 per side rail end.

The loose plate and bullets may have also caused the wood side rail to split down its grain. This too can be re-glued as needed.

Bed Slat Cleats on Side Rails:

The wood slat on the inside bottom edge of wood side rails frequently fails. They are usually of low-grade wood that has been glued and screwed into place. The proper repair is usually to remove the existing fractured cleat and replace with a new wider cleat.

Wood Side Rail Replacement:

Existing wood side rails come in all levels of quality and can be made of lumber, lumber core plywood, or even plywood and frequently do not match the bed wood or finish very well.

To custom fabricate a standard typical replacement or longer wood side rail can become relatively high. We have to pull the needed lumber, mill out the needed straight piece, special slot the ends, locate the bullets, insert the bed rail plate, add the bed slat cleat, and finish to match.

From a practical standpoint, we recommend conversion to metal side rails.

Metal hook-on side rails are readily available at for T/F size and Q size approximately. They are also available in bolt-on rails.

Yet another option at is to ask for stock replacement Wood Bed Rails #TF76 for twin or full size beds only in one of few colors. A longer version for Queen size is QK82.  Covered with a bed skirt they look fine, other wise so-so.

Finally, love the Internet. Google replacement wood bed rails and get but be aware that the complication is the shipping cost due to length.

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